After making many calls at 3am in the morning i found on Google a locksmiths who would pick up the phone. 24x7 London Locksmiths opened my door in 9mins non-destructively.

Will use and recommend again.

Richard Stevens

Fast and efficient service. The technician was uniformed, carried id, was polite and even let me sit in van as it was raining, while he opened my front door. He also cut me keys from his van which saved me from inconvenience. Thank you


Paul King
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In these hot summer days/nights most of us are forgetting to lock windows and doors when leaving the premises.

When sleeping at night lock all windows and doors on the ground level,and be very careful when opening windows when sleeping.

Try not open windows near drain pipes and flat roofs. If you have to, and if you have small windows open them instead.

Opening doors and windows also lets draft through allowing front doors to slam shut locking yourself out. Please use the snibs when popping out for example to to throw out garbage.


New Product on the market.

SmartWater, is an advanced property-marking solution.

The solution is a unique DNA lifetime trace on your property which is registered to your address and is an active burglary deterrent. Most items can be marked with the clear solution which has a 100% conviction rate, being tried and tested by Harrow Council.




A call was attended today for a OAP when she reported a forced entry.

The intruder rang the bell to Mrs O'Leary when she opened the door with the security chain on. Because these chains are fitted with only two screws to the frame it was quite easy to force open. Upon the ease of entry and the frailty of Mrs O'Leary the opportunist managed to get away with a cash amount and the family loom.

Luckily nobody was hurt.

Do not answer the door with these cheap chains. Have a spy piece installed and if you can talk through the door, do so.




I attended a job today to change some locks. When asked why they wanted the locks changed she replied, that the

lost keys were fished out from her letterbox. The thiefs got away with jewellery, money and some personal belongings

as well as their brand new car.

Please do not leave keys in vision through the letterbox or even anywhere in the hall area.

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Many property owners of UPVC doors and windows are not locking their front doors properly for just pushing them shut.

Please remember, pull up the handle and lock with key.

It can not be any easier to protect yourself and belongings.