After making many calls at 3am in the morning i found on Google a locksmiths who would pick up the phone. 24x7 London Locksmiths opened my door in 9mins non-destructively.

Will use and recommend again.

Richard Stevens

Fast and efficient service. The technician was uniformed, carried id, was polite and even let me sit in van as it was raining, while he opened my front door. He also cut me keys from his van which saved me from inconvenience. Thank you


Paul King
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We are not a call center so prices are very competitive and negotiable

Holiday Security Tips:

Here are some safety measures for when you go away on holiday and the house is free.

- If you have a trusted neighbour, tell them you are going away and to keep a watchful eye. Ask them if the postmans been and left mail half sticking out to push it all way in.

- Cancel your delivery of milk.

- Empty the dustbins and never leave boxes or any type of wrapping to suggest you have bought something new for the house.

- Buy a timer plug, so you can time it,(with a lamp) to come on at night fall.

- Leave the curtains not fully closed, and take out of view any items that an opportunist sees valuable.

- Make sure all windows, doors, sheds, are locked. Do not even keep a window open a few inches.

- If you have a car, try to park it on the drive, and never leave any type of key in the hall, where thieves can see them through the letter box.

Keep some of these points in mind, and remember if you left any door or window open Insurance can refuse to pay out.